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Transport and Cargo Insurance

Insurance for air, sea and road transport

Protect yourself financially with cargo insurance in case of loss of or damage to your goods

Each mode of transport has its possess national and universal set of laws and directions. 


Our duty as cargo sending specialist is directed by different nation particular laws and rules.


We can give cargo protections through a trustworthy protections company, guaranteeing you scope for full receipt esteem in case of misfortune or damage.

Extended coverage and best conditions

The benefits of insurance are plenty. But we have expanded the benefits advance, to supply you with an amplified scope at the same cost. Among other things, the protections incorporates harm appearance up to 90 days after conveyance, up to 30 days’ capacity of union cargo and remuneration for misfortune of cargo upon entry of FCL-cargo with intact container seal.


The above is normally NOT included in a cargo insurance. Be that as it may, we know how critical a cargo protections is.


That is why we have made the better conditions for our clients..


Incoterms (Universal Commercial Terms) are composed by the International Chamber of Commerce on the elucidation of exchange terms.


The rules apply universally as well as in household exchange and clarify the dissemination of chance and costs between the vender and the buyer for the deal of goods.


Incoterms are standardized conditions of deal and apply only to the relationship between buyer and dealer.
The agreement between the cargo forwarder and the client is controlled by the transport contract.

Advice about liability and coverage

Cargo in our custody

There are circumstances where the carrier is exempted from liability. Knowing in which situations these rules apply, puts you in a better position.

Covering loss in full

According to international laws and regulations, calculation of the compensation is based on quantity or weight. Therefore, you may risk that your loss will not be fully covered.

Automatic insurance

We provide Cargo Insurance according to written agreement with you. You can take out a single insurance or make a permanent arrangement for all your transports.

Select Services  


We are following high standards on our services. Our team are always 24/7 for local ports agency expertise. 


No matter what cargo you need to discharge or load,our stevedores team will handle for you.


We can provide the right vessel, whether it is dry bulk cargo, reefer or ro/ro, we will fulfil your needs.


If you need indoor or outdoor storage of dry cargo , chilled or frozen products ,we may provide it for you.


Facilitating insurance of cargo through recongnised insurance company


Customs formalities including customs clearance of goods.

Completion of import and export documentation worldwide.